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Where do i have to be today? Stoplesteinan!

Stoplesteinane called out for me last year 2023 - in a timeframe when Matthias de Stefano where at Svalboard to give runes to the sea. Suddenly this week they appeared again in my consciousness, because my son had to be in Haugesund at the westcoast of Norway and on our route we should pass them.. It aligned beautifully and i thought now is the time. My presence was called in.

On the drive i thought what shall i do there? But as usual pictures of how to enter and what to do where delivered and normaly it will unfold further when i am there with my feets on the ground. Ca 20 minutes before we where arriving my Hands started to burn, and a fire went through my body - i striped of my body and got a new one. as well as the and information i was awaited. We drove up a very steep hill, parked the car, balanced over a piece of tree and crossed an electric fence nicely prepaired with a wooden staircase over. I did know i had to put my hands on a stone upfront to open up the dimensional place and entering it.. Of couse i found him and he was nice and mossy.

My son was long gone and i walked up the hill on top a moment of catching my breath, greating the Stones, all assisting beeings and started my work.. I found the stone where i should begin and stroke saliva on it like requested - because the fluid hold different keynotes of information from me to open up and as i did. every one unfolded like a lotusflower its full presence. When all 12 where opened up i had to put my forehead on the last one too. A passage of light appeared into the center and i walked in.

There i greeted the north, east, south, west and the places in between. I looked like two squares where laying on each other., intertwined Lightlanguage apeared in sound as well as through bodymovements. Through this a new field got created, which seamingly has to do with new structures in this world and the possibility of re-connecting and unfolding, possibilities and potential. . When you get information about it , just let me know. When i was done a new gateway of light appeared and i could walk out. My job was done,

I gave my thanks and walked around to catch a picture of the whole circel. when i was done with it 7 Druids popped up to thank me, It was like a small ceremony they made a gateway for me and each of them took my hand , the last one who stood at the end bowed, had some words for me and made place that i could take his place and suddenly we where a circel of 8. Later that day the information , take back the power reinvent the druidrings came into my consciousness. Maybe this is for you.

I was done here and called my son we can leave now, When he popped out of nowhere he told me he had found an old oaktree - yes of course one of the guardians of this place.

Thank you again for beeing part of this creational service. In trust i love and doing my part.


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