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 Support on all levels

For this moment in time 1:1 sessions and the products underneath are not available. My guidance was quite persistant with this.

So here is the message :

 Keep looking out for the blogg, divine journeys, workshops and courses - Nina is under an upgrade and the galactic/ universal work she is doing at this moment in time is most important for all what is. When you want to support or contribute pls get in touch or support with the happiness of a financial gift. We are creating behind the scene energetically - you matter - new matter - create well from within -  birthing new life with a lot of joy.

An exception : A stay at Bjørkelid - A wellnessweekend/ days of beeing you. You can book our loveley eclectic guesthouse with own Sauna and shared poolarea. The Pool is possible to use in summer (June-August). The ocean is 5 minutes walk away as well as nice hikingpathes nearby.

when you want to give your soul and bodies a blast go for an alignment package with soundmeditation and 1:1  alignmentsession (when i am available) just get in contact with me what you whish and is possible.


Maybe we sees  Nina & the divine 

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