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Dedicated to the opportunities unfolding through life

I am Nina Helge Langseth Creation - Nihela ,

mother of 3, daughter, wife, friend, human, Starseed, living creation

bridgebuilder through Dimensions, teacher, channel, artist, sound and energycreator,

 Living in the wonderfull nature of the south of Norway.


Walked the path to remembering who am i. Arrived in "BEING". An amazing but not always easy journey through life. Every day i live and enjoy life i share from within in  autenticity from my source of beeing connected to all what is.

The last decade i remembered , got downloads and strenghtend different energetic tools. Which I am using in a 5th dimentional sense  in the now with my creational work and clients. The connection to the spirit world is always there and i am highly supported, Me and My friends are stepping in and be with you to bring the frequencies needed for the process to the highest god of all. in your process.  Angels, Unicornenergies, Dragons, my starseedfriends or other frequencyfields will support. I am bridgebuilder through the dimensions and here to share , to serve humanity and gaia ( mother earth) on there path .  If you want to work with yourself to remember and want to step in your own power and potencial.  - WELCOME - I am honoured to walk with you

. Pls take contact for a private session, attand one of my workshops or tune in to my youtube channel.  and feel inspired to live every lifes experience from a higher aspect 

you are loved - you are love


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