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Did you choose the love card too

I love colourful buffets. To choose whatever my heart and body wants to experience, playful and enjoyabel - sometimes i take a bite but it is not my taste or in resonance with me - of course i am letting go.

From fresh to fatty. all is a piece of the whole experience.

Some days i need more highvibe food, but sometimes my body needs substance to serve in its best version.

There is no right way - there is just your way of experience and it maybe differs from the one of your neighbour. You are key and the mainactress/actor in your play. Be the best version of your self - and fill your plate with upliftment, inspiration and love for yourself and others . Let them stand as they are, They are on there own path of creation.

Maybe you have figured out the game, or at least thought you did. We are learning constantly - so what you think today is not neccessary what you know tomorrow.

Give them time and room for themself to explore - of course you shine your light into the room of existance and maybe you are like a firefly or even a lighthouse with your lived experiences. Let them decide by them self. and follow there own resonance.

Like always in my sharings take what resonates with you and let all the other stuff at the buffet - maybe you like it later when your taste is changing maybe not.

Act from your own capacity of beeing a master - selfresponsible and heartcentered - your answers are laying inside of you - learn to listen or go out and find your tools in the wonderful colourful toolbox to choose from. Happy exploring..

Have a blessed day


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