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Something new and something blue

whenever we share we grow - we are supporting each other and it will flow.

Knowledge, wisdom, joy. We've left the duality and come into onness for we are just one of the ONE infinite creator. We accelerate our own pathes and it is so much fun, mostley at least. Some of my friends asked Nina is it possible that you write a blogg that we can come with you on your journeys. of divine service. Of course i can - i love to inspire, love to contribute - love to grow - love to evolve beyond the possible - because all is possible. So here i am figuring out the technical part - my least favoritedense stuff. To tell stories of creation through pictures and words and between the lines you dive into the divine frequencies.

Due to that i`ve layed my Fokus today on to work with this, and the stuff behind i actually burned our lunch, that the whole house was foggy and smelly. but now it seems it got new airy energies for upliftment. Let`s say sticky stuff out and the blue new inside.

Welcome to my blogg, That you can get glimps of inspiration for your own life and well beeing. Thanks for stopping by


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