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Walk the Line

The balancing on top or inn between. Autenticity for me is key, i surf the worlds with joy . My inspirational sharing is sometimes maybe not easy to follow - sometimes you may get inspired by it, sometimes you know, sometimes it is a big questionmark or maybe the thought appears she needs a shrink - do not follow anybody - just life yourself - and go through your own mastery and when you judge people - because you do not understand - you always judge a part of yourself which you are still not familar with or don`t want to see and interact with. Do you know this Aspects consciously or are they still unconsious to you?

Where are you on your path of experience life? have you had the feeling i do not fit in?

Do you use all your inner strenght to fit in in the outerworld - the opinions of others or do you have started to live your own truth? We all bring different forms and themes of experience with us. How we experience on which frequency we are exsisting differs and changes, can change when we evolve from seperation to unity and therefore also the understanding of each other. How i experience is not neccessary how you experience and there is no better in any of it.

Questions you may ask - i just can answer them from my point of view and experience - when i find the words. Because it is not always easy to find words through the worlds to feed the human mind. When you stop balancing - take a breath, meet up in the middle of yourself - pull your strenght inside and meet up in the middle of yourself and

you are automatically centerd. Make it easy and playful, find yor command for it and sit with yourself. I meet up with myself - i meetup in myself - i am centered - i am and see how the energy flows and your presence and emotions will change in that moment.

Just explore the possibilities and connect to yourself and the feeling of love. You are Life

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